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Edtech UK Magazine Reception

Celebration I Ambition I Inspiration

We hosted an online launch of the Edtech UK Magazine in 2021.

Speakers Included:
Nic Ponsford
, Co-Editor, Director, Edtech UK
Jonathan Bishop, CEO, Cornerstone Trust
Claire Price, Oasis Academies Trust
Farida Danmeri, Educator
Ty Goddard, Co-editor, Chair, Edtech UK

In the reception, speakers explore the theme of Edition 1 'Covid Keepers', and their involvement in the magazine. Pop below to read your own copy of Edtech UK Magazine!


Tragedy and the triumph.

Welcome to this first edition of the Edtech UK Community Magazine. 

The Edtech UK magazine seeks to celebrate, inspire and be ambitious about the role digital learning can play across education.


What are the ‘Covid Keepers?’

After months of lockdowns, emergency measures and remote learning, new Ofsted research, conducted during the pandemic suggests that this period of remote education will influence the education system in many ways. 


Roundtable; The Future of Edtech.

Following a year in edtech like no other, the EdtechUK Magazine gathered a roundtable of educators to ask their views on how the edtech sector will, and needs to, respond going forwards. 

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